Diet Plans Offered

You didn’t gain overnight so don’t expect to lose it overnight.

I help

Women’s special

Men’s special

Kids up to 5 yeas

Kids 5-15 years


Sedentary  life

Old age

Fast shape

3 weeks shine out

Energy diet

Acne diet

Body building diet

Healthy kids diet

Detoxification diet

Diabetes mellitus diet

Cholesterol diet

Cancer diet

Anti migraine diet

Gout ( high uric acid ) diet

Healthy heart diet

Hypertension diet

Menopause diet

Osteoporosis diet

Pregnancy diet

Permanent weight management diet

Six week body makeover diet

Thyroid diet

Customized diet plans for all medical conditions

Seasonal diet  plans ( best food in winter/summer/monsoon  to get maximum health benefit of the season’s fresh fruits and vegetable and improving immunity )

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