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r, xv6, pa2, kkj, p, w, xii, ffs, Do i need a Diet Plan? – Dietitian Dr Payal

Do i need a Diet Plan?

While weight loss is important, what’s more important is the quality of food you put in your body.

Do I Need A Diet Plan ?

We are living a stressed life in one another way, whether the stress is socio-economical, work related, emotional or even due to appearance and personality. But to combat this our first requisite is a healthy fit body.

Stress and diseases are directly related to our lifestyle, food and hereditary factors.

So yes,.. you need a diet plan if you are

  • Overweight
  • Diabetic
  • Loaded with work
  • Easily fatigued
  • Too much mental stressed professional
  • Homemaker ( most woman don’t have time to balance in personal and family attention)
  • Sportsperson
  • Under grown child
  • Old age person with multiple health issues




Its good to be OK , but its about being good for long life. So if you are in above category… you do need do need a diet plan to prevent any complications in future


We help you understand this complex relation between diet and life simplified.


Being healthy is your right and your duty to yourself.