Commit to be fit.

A unique concept developed  by  Dr.Payal, Individual’s – Healthy  Eating  &  Lifestyle  Program

to bring back fitness, positivity, and confidence

to your life.


  • Assessing your present  condition regarding  health, social  and  professional  life,  any  diseased  conditions  and most importantly,   the reasons  behind  unwanted health changes .
  • Building the way  out  to  create  a  better    This will  be  achieved  by I-HELP, which  will show you the possible changes,  you can make in your routine, including food habits.
  • Setting a nearby goal every time rather than far looking tough tasks.

How we help?

Most of times , people are not able to follow the confusing diet plans with many ‘ practically not possible ‘ changes. We , not only suggest and prepare changes in your eating and lifestyle habits, but also provide continuous support until you reach the goal and also thereafter to maintain your health forever.

Unique features ;

  • Your Virtual Dietitian –  Companion.
  • Enjoy most of the Indian and continental dishes at any restaurant or party with our customized plan and timely personal reply by your assigned dietitian.
  • Eat in portion guide.
  • Healthy kitty party menu options.
  • Travel & Holiday food guide according to the places you visit to make you worry free during vacations.
  • Special party guide for different occasions.
  • You will get help when you need, by whatsapp, call or email.

This includes…

    1. Easy to prepare monthly menu for home cooking
    2. Daily diet tips which includes suggestions for home and outside food.
    3. Nutrition details of food you take.
    4. Calorie input and output balance for you.
    5. Easy to do exercises for you.
    6. Helping you to choose from popular restaurant menus to keep weight controlled.
    7. Keeping you hydrated with different water combination, to maintain and improve hair and skin quality.
    8. Always motivating you and answering your queries with whatsapp, mail or phone, so you never feel alone in reaching towards your goal.


          I-HELP  concept is based on  wavelike   theory  to give you  freelancing  windows … to do what you want  to  keep  things  interesting  and  the  journey  pleasant.

              So, what are you waiting for, just go for it.

I help packages

  • 5000 / month 
  • 9000/2month 
  • 12500/3 month
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