Permanent Weight Reduction

Yes, you read it right. you are a person who reduced weight with so much efforts and regain it again without any efforts. Dear reader, you are not the only person who went through it, but most of people make these same big mistakes that lead to regain their lost weight and undesired shape, every time after getting rid of them.

But here, we are talking about permanent weight reduction.

It is possible and easy too.

In today’s era, we are fed with more credible knowledge than earlier. Magazines, media,and internet provide us all the information we need. So, you all know about food, exercise etc.. but still struggling with your weight.

There are lots of reasons for not losing weight like

  • Stress
  • Poor metabolism
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Poor lifestyle

But, top of of the chart, or can say, most responsible reason for regaining weight is..


You can succeed only after you implemented.

  • So, here i am behind you all the time.
  • Success  with us by just 3 steps
  1. Ask for the right information.
  2. To get the right information
  3. To follow that with dedication.

Permanent weight reduction is possible with right guidance and passion for being healthy.

Major myth about weight is we think about numbers while we forget that your overall weight includes your muscles, bones, skin cells etc..

What you want to reduce? All of them or just the annoying fat ?

So, first know  how to reduce the undesired fat only, maintaining muscle mass and other tissues intact.

So now onwards, don’t get impressed by a decline on weighing scale, followed by a crush diet, because you broke down a significant muscle mass in doing that. To reduce fat and not muscles, inch los is more important, giving you better shape and health.

For last couple of years, we were collecting data of people not losing weight or have regained their lost weight, and found some interesting things.

Among them some common factors are..

2-3 kg weight loss in a month is a safe weight loss , natural to body. But, miraculous weight loss by promising people within short time period , is never advised and also not safe for your body. Still, people get attracted by those advertisements and go to places where they never focus on causative factors,  or your lifestyle which are culprits of your obesity. They might give you temporary results at the cost of long term health hazards to you, disturbing your metabolism and immunity leading you to regain the lost weight or even put on some more kgs later on.

Yo – Yo diet and weight loss – weight gain cycle is also bad for your body as if gain and loss and gain cycle keeps running in your body, your body cells may stop responding with fast changing metabolism, and frustration begins…

Following some rumour type diet ( only salad / only sprouts / only fruits ) restricting you to a specific group of nutrients also doesn’t help for long term. This may lead to nutritional imbalance, and the consequences follows.

What I believe is that weight loss should occur in an effortless manner, and if it isn’t so, something is not right at all.

So, if you are in for being fit, healthy, in shape for a longer time, i won’t let you down ever.

We will work as a team, you don’t need to worry about anything , no questions will remain unanswered, and you will enjoy getting rid of that extra fat frustrating you.

Yes, permanent weight reduction is not a dream only, and working together, we make it come true.