Sportspersons and fitness pros.

Whether you are a bodybuilder, a professional athlete or simply exercising to improve your health, sports nutrition plays a key role in optimising the beneficial effects of physical activity. Making better decisions with your nutrition and hydration can result in improved performance, recovery and injury prevention. 

Ideal breakfast carbohydrate foods are fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereal such as oatmeal and whole grain breads such as 100-percent whole wheat or bread. Great sources of breakfast protein (which also contain fats) are eggs, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, milk, cheeseyogurt and meat.

The types of food that you should include in your diet for optimum sports nutrition include:

  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fruit
  • Sources of  protein and low-fat dairy produce
  • Healthy fats.

Supplements having quality content of nutrients, creatine and limited use of energy drinks.